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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Collaterly_Sisters on Vigilantelope

Just found this really lovely post about Vigilantelope by Collaterly_Sisters at www.messandnoise.com

Really lovely to stumble across such kind words from a stranger. Thanks for your support!

Collaterly_Sisters  said about 1 month ago:

Wow. Busy month. Did anyone else happen to catch a young troupe at Trades called Vigilantelope? I went in knowing nothing and was preparing myself for the possibility it could be patchy and undergraduate. I came out thinking this could well have been the best show of the festival (that I'd seen anyway). And I caught the Barry winners (The Pajama Men) on the first night of the fest and was convinced there was no way anything could top them this year. I think I was proven wrong on the final night. Astonishing, face-hurtingly hilarious, utterly ridiculous (while still maintaining a coherent story - a problem that so many other acts with absurdist leanings struggle with), amazing writing and even better formation dancing. Where the hell did these kids come from? It's probably not a big call to predict they'll have their own ABC/SBS show within two years, which is slightly jealousy-inducing.