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This will be our online home for the next little bit, while our website gets upgraded. It's pretty cosy - got a nice fridge that came with it actually, which is well bonus. Stick around and have a sniff about. We'll post news and what not about our happenings when we get the chance.

Reviews and Awards

  • Golden Gibbo Award Nominee, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009
  • Top 5 "Not Just Stand-Up Shows", The Pun - Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009
  • Auspicious Arts Award Winner, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2009
  • Best Comedy High Commendation, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2009
  • Best Emerging Comedy Judges’ Commendation, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2010
  • HotHouse Theatre A Month in The Country Grant Recipient,  2010

  • "Truly astonishing...A magnificent performance that ultimately restored my faith in the art of comedy, theatre and performance... It is hard to avoid the feeling that, watching this performance, you are witnessing the birth of a new generation of comedic actors." - SOURCE: The Pun

  • "Deeply infested with hilarity, you'll be recalling their jokes days later. ★"  - SOURCE:  The Age, Festival Review

  • "Super fast, full of great running gags and the performers are brilliant...These guys are up there with the early D-Gen kids in terms of entertainment" - SOURCE: John Bailey, Arts Editor, The Age

  • "A brilliantly rollicking show that had the audience in hysterics"SOURCE: The Groggy Squirrel

  • "This show's a winner"  - SOURCE:  ABC Radio

  • "Funny, irreverent and smart" - SOURCE: The Herald Sun Newspaper

  • "An extraordinary ability to transform into character by leaping behind a curtain, picking up a prop and bouncing back onto the stage with an entirely new persona, conveyed only by body movements and facial expressions. They really are very good at what they do." SOURCE: Rhum Media