Welcome to our blog

This will be our online home for the next little bit, while our website gets upgraded. It's pretty cosy - got a nice fridge that came with it actually, which is well bonus. Stick around and have a sniff about. We'll post news and what not about our happenings when we get the chance.


This is our videos page. When we get a chance, we'll try and post some funny stuff that we've made here.

Asian Pop Idol

Joel enters the Annual Asian Pop Idol at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia.
Will one man overcome all odds and live out his lifelong dream of performing Asian Pop in front of literally tens of people? Yes. Sorry to spoil it, but he does.

This is a story of tremendous tribulation, commendable commitment and heart-wrenching heroism. Viewers with faint hearts and temperamental tear ducts should proceed with caution.

Vigilantelope at Work

Tim has a tough day at the office. Filmed while we were on tour in Adelaide in 2010. A few people have said that they think we set this up. We assure you, we didn't. You can't write this.

Interview with Speaker TV
An interview we did with Melbourne arts and culture show "Speaker TV" during the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It's pretty long and Joel tells a shit story that brings the whole sodding mood down, but there are some good bits in it and some highlights from the show.

Tale of the Golden Lease Showreel
A showreel we knocked together of Tale of the Golden Lease. It's a showreel, so it wasn't really made for public viewing, but we thought we'd chuck it up here because we haven't posted anything new lately. One day we'll make a proper video of the show (the footage is stored somewhere. We think.).


We did a photoshoot. These are some of the photos.