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Friday, March 27, 2009

Daniel Kitson Confirmed for the 2009 Melbourne Comedy Festival!

If you, like us, scoured the pages of the Comedy Festival Guide a few weeks ago for any mention of Daniel Kitson, and if you, like us, were disappointed to find his name glaringly absent, then you, like us, will be doing big jumps into the air, twisting your torso about and doing little claps when you find out that our favourite man is in fact joining us this April for a last-minute show.
Daniel will be doing Sunday the 5th of April to Thursday the 9th, Sunday the 12th of April to Thursday the 16th, and Sun the 19th of April to Thursday the 23rd at the RRR Performance Space in Brunswick. Tickets are remarkably cheap - $14 including booking fee - for what Daniel has described as a work in progress. 
The tickets are being sold exclusively through Polyester Records, and they have more information on their website here.
Daniel also has a post on his website here, which lists other projects for 2009, some of them during the festival, others in Melbourne later in the year.
If you have never seen Daniel Kitson before, and also if you have, you should definitely see him this time. He's really smart and lovely and poetic and philosophical and genuine and really very very funny.