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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vigilantelope in Mavis Calling

We first stumbled across the idea for "Mavis Calling" after abducting a greenpeace door-knocker and forcing him to sit strapped to a chair and listen as we outlined the benefits of subscribing to the Save the Vigilantelope Foundation. That day we explained clearly, but with a good deal of charm, and in some cases with musical accompaniment, that all donations were tax deductible. All funds raised, we explained through the simultaneous and complimentary mediums of interpretive dance and shouting, would be put towards Vigilantelope Sanctuaries where these misunderstood beasts would be fed and watered by professionally trained and appropriately armed keepers.

"What do vigilantelopes eat?" The Greenpeace door-knocker asked at one stage. At least we assume that’s what he was trying to say through a gagged, but eager cake hole. "Potato Gems, Mostly" we replied.

While most of us found this incident comical and inspiring, some of us (the doorknocker) insisted on racking off with our favourite chair, and Daniel’s favourite gag, just when we were getting to the good bit.

It all ended well, however, as it gave us the idea of performing door-to-door in what has been dubbed by some as ‘invasive comedy’. We think it’s much better than the elective kind, and that it makes preventative comedy look like a downright joke.

The Save the Vigilantelope Foundation agrees.