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Friday, December 28, 2007

Vigilantelope's Christmas Gig

Contrary to popular belief, Christmas is not in July. Every year, Christmas annually falls on December 25 each year. With this is mind, Vigilantelope endeavoured to perform their annual "Christmas in July" show. Every Winter, Vigilantelope perform the customary nativity scene through the eyes of an influential member of the traditional story.

This year, the story was told of from the perspective of Stabilo Montenegro (Vachel Spirason), an inn-keeper in downtown Bethlaham (not to be confused with Bethlehem). Our story followed Stabilo's plight in struggling to provide room for weary travellers in peak season and also his attempts to come to terms with his sexuality.

Next year the show will be told from the perspective of the fourth wise man, Tony Gregoriava, whose donkey became ill with the cerebral palsy on December 24, 1 BC. Needless to say, little baby Jesus only received gold, frankincense and myrrh and never received Tony's jar of homemade cumquat marmalade.

Get your tickets soon! Bookings open on December 25.