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Friday, June 22, 2007

Vigilantelope's First Show

To the disgrace of the Red Cross blood bank, much blood, sweat and tears were shed in the making of our first show, 'The Vigilante Cantelope'.

This was definitely the first time a comedy show had been not only performed entirely underwater, but to an audience of zero.

You could say that locating a suitable venue was far easier than breathing whilst on stage. Harold Holt Public swimming pool was booked for a one week and the show commenced. Whilst we initially thought the idea was rather odd, the first show certainly wet our appetite for more under water action.

Minor challenges in the first couple of shows included the drowning of two key cast members who, it seemed, became attached to the pool cleaning device that was activated automatically during act 2 of each performance. (We were given significant discount by the Pool owners for this inconvenience).

Whilst no audience feedback was received, we all thought we did a great job and decided to give comedy a real crack. And the vigilantelope was born. What we initially thought would resemble a genetically modified cantelope turned out to be a genetically modified antelope that was delivered by a genetically modified stork. We witnessed the most beautiful being (ignoring a rather dubious moustache that was apparently grown in an attempt to raise money for ‘Movember’).